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We have been looking at Stone Cottage on your web site and dreaming of coming for a holiday, but that didn't prepare us for the jaw dropping moment when we arrived and had our first glimpse of the cottage and view.
Don and Margaret, Clovelly, NSW
One evening we saw the red moon rising over the ocean. It cast a moonbeam from the horizon to the foreshore.
Meck & Peter, Williamstown

There is a special magic about Seatrees Farm that stays with you and you always carry it - something that is only enhanced on returning. Loved the wild ocean, unbelievable views, fires, comfy lounging on the day bed and the absolute privacy.

Dianne & Rosie,   Richmond
The most dog-friendly and stress free accommodation we've found in Australia. A fab place when either the storm is raging outside or the sun is shining.'
Wendy Clarke & Barry Lumsden
'Thank you for providing such a beautiful place for people and pets alike to take time out to forget the real world.'
Julie, Andrew, Shadow & Zoe
Such a place of peace and tranquillity, with the most spectacular view. Abbey Dog is sulking as we pack up to go home.'
Wayne & Karen Satchwell
Have stayed at cottages all over Victoria. This has got to be the best. You've thought of everything!'
Ron & Paula Youngman
Who said winter is gloomy? There's something about the ocean, the green hills and a cottage in the middle of nowhere that rejuvenates the spirit. Thanks again.'
Libby Caldwell & Sally Beattie
We have had a fantastic time bushwalking, fishing, running on the beach and relaxing by the open fire. Maddie had a ball on her first beach holiday.'
Donna, Brian, Melanie & Danielle Paxton



Looking out the windows is like watching 24hour Discovery Channel on the biggest plasma ever!
Susie & Glen, Williamstown

We have to say that, without exaggeration, the coastal location of Seatrees Farm is unsurpassable. The wide expanse of absolute beach frontage and the closeness of the sea is difficult to absorb at first sight, as it almost overwhelms the senses. To be at Seanook for almost two weeks, in such close proximity to the sight and sound of the sea has been almost a life-changing experience.

Kate & Chris,   Bendigo

Just the absolute perfect spot to unwind and escape the day to day stresses and challenges that are constantly being thrown at us.

Lyall, Ruth & Adam, McKinnon
I will always remember that first time we drove down the driveway to see the magnificent cottage with the most breathtaking views.'
Paul & Jenny Daws
Views spectacular! First impression was 'I think I have found paradise'. Final impression was 'I am sure I have found paradise. Thank you!'
Judith Field
These places have an amazing ability to make you feel instantly relaxed and so happy.'
Ed, Will & Tonia
'My highlights were seeing so much wildlife and birds - swamp wallabies, an echidna, blue-tongue lizard and seals on the Marengo rocks.'
David Lester
'The Great Ocean is a never-ending source of pleasure to view.'
Susanne Reid
Everything about this place promotes peace, ease and reflection -for grown-ups and dogs.'
Steph, Jirrah, Lucy & Rosie the kelpie